Homeless man gets massive inheritance

A private investigator says he has tracked down a homeless Utah man and delivered some good news: He's inherited a lot of money.
David Lundberg said he found Max Melitzer pushing a shopping cart filled with personal possessions in a Salt Lake City park Saturday afternoon.
Lundberg declined to disclose how much money Melitzer will be receiving, but said the man's brother who died of cancer last year left him a "significant" amount in his will.
"He'll no longer be living on the street or in abandoned storage sheds," he told The Associated Press. "He'll be able to have a normal life, and be able to have a home, provide for himself, and purchase clothing, food and health care."
The story about Lundberg's two-month search for Lundberg has been reported by the Deseret News and KSL of Salt Lake City.
Lundberg said he was hired by the family's New York law firm to locate Melitzer, and some family members plan to meet Melitzer next week in Salt Lake City. He declined to identify them.
Melitzer's family wishes to remain private, and lawyers are deferring questions to Lundberg.
The investigator said he broke the news to Melitzer while they were sitting on a bench at Pioneer Park. While Lundberg said he didn't tell Melitzer how much money he was inheriting, the man was excited.
"He's still in shock. This came out of nowhere," Lundberg said. "He's a really mellow guy in his 60s, very sweet and more articulate than I thought for a man in his position."
Melitzer has been homeless for years and last had mail correspondence with his family in September. But when family members gave him a number to phone, he never called.
Don Hill, house manager at the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake, told Lundberg on Friday that he had seen Melitzer near the facility two days earlier.
Hill said he has known the homeless man for four years, and Melitzer stayed at places like the Rescue Mission when he's not roaming between Salt Lake City and Ogden.
"During the summer, I'd imagine, once in a while he'll stay out nights — outside," Hill told the Deseret News.
Earlier this month, a police officer found Melitzer sleeping in a car in an Ogden salvage yard.
Lundberg said Melitzer was taken Saturday to an undisclosed location in Salt Lake City and doesn't want to talk to the media right now. But Lundberg said he would talk to family members about possibly holding a news conference next week.
The investigator said he found Melitzer with the help of a tip. He received about 60 or 70 such calls after news about his search went out Friday.
"Someone called today (Saturday) and said they saw him at Pioneer Park. I thought it was another crazy tip, but sure enough, there he was," Lundberg said.


iPhone 5 release date: Big buzz, few facts

It doesn't take much to get the tech world talking about the iPhone.
The internet has swirled with speculation in recent weeks about a release date for Apple's iPhone 5, and even whether the companywill update its iconic smartphone at all this year.
Now, the most tenuous of news reports has ramped the talk up again.
A South Korean news site reported this week that Apple plans to release the phone in the fourth week of June. According to atranslation by the MacRumors site, ETNews.co.kr reported that "Apple has confirmed" that time frame.
There are a few problems here:
It seems highly unlikely that the typically tight-lipped Apple would have confirmed a release date. The report also says the phone will be released in South Korea the same day it goes on sale in the United States.Possible. But, for comparison's sake, the iPhone 4 was released there about three months after its U.S. debut.And, for what it may or may not be worth, the South Korean report appeared on April 1.
But as Western news outlets jumped on the report, excitement spread.
The words "iPhone 5 release date" were briefly at the top ofGoogle's Hot Topics list Tuesday morning, and multiple U.S. blogs were following up the MacRumors report -- albeit skeptically, in most cases.
The original iPhone, the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 all had June releases. The iPhone 3G was released in early July. But reports have said that Apple plans to focus specifically on software, not hardware, at its Worldwide Developers Conference, scheduled from June 6-10 this year.
Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
One X-factor here could be the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
Earlier this week, comments by Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer suggested that his company is making a camera sensor for the new iPhone. He said sensors for Apple will be delayed because of damage to 15 of Sony's plants in Japan.
It's also hard to know how Apple CEO Steve Jobs' medical leave of absence has impacted development of the newest version of the phone.
So the only thing that seems certain about when Apple will release the next version of the iPhone is ... that nobody in the tech media really knows.

IPad 2: Consumer Reports' top tablet pick

Price: $499 to $829
A year after it created a new consumer electronics category, Apple's second-generation iPad topped Consumer Reports' ratings as the best tablet on the rapidly growing market. The magazine ranked the iPad with Wi-Fi and 3G ahead of the Wi-Fi-only version, but both outranked all of the competition.
The iPad 2 ranked highest in every category -- ease of use, display, touch response, portability, battery life and weight -- except for "versatility," for which Consumer Reports slightly preferred some of Google's Android tablets. Apple's tablet also got high praise for its low price tag.
"So far Apple is leading the tablet market in both quality and price, which is unusual for a company whose products are usually premium priced," said Paul Reynolds, Consumer Reports'electronics editor.

Microsoft teams with Toyota to power smart cars

Microsoft and Toyota on Wednesday announced a $12 million partnership through which the companies will create an advanced digital information and communication system for the Japanese automaker's cars.
The joint-venture will deploy "telematics" in Toyota (TM) vehicles. That's the catch-all term for car communication technology, including GPS, multimedia, and telecommunications services.
Telematics is a crowded space, and most competitors offer similar services and options. The best-known telematics service is OnStar, a General Motors (GM) subsidiary, which allows customers to make calls, remotely unlock their vehicles and receive turn-by-turn navigation.
The system that Toyota and Microsoft plan to deploy will be unique in at least one respect: For electric and plug-in hybrid electric cars, the partnership's telematics will provide energy management services, in which plug-in cars "talk" to one another. The cars will also be able to communicate with the electric grid and arrange to charge themselves in the most environmentally friendly and cost-efficient manner.
As plug-in electric cars grow in number, the demands on the electric grid are going to be substantial. If everyone decides to plug in their cars when they get home from work, that could easily overwhelm a city or town's system.
Microsoft (MSFTFortune 500) has been working on embedded connectivity technology that will allow plug-in vehicles to communicate with one another and the grid itself to find the best time for each car to charge. If cars learn their owners' typical driving patterns, they might be able to, for instance, make arrangements like: "My owner typically picks her daughter up from soccer practice on Thursday afternoons at 6:30, so I need to have charging priority after I get plugged in at 5:00."

Toyota said that it is launching a "smart center" pilot program in Japan. The program will link people, cars and homes to achieve this kind of integrated energy consumption control.

"This new partnership between Microsoft and Toyota is an important step in developing greater future mobility and energy management for consumers around the world," said Akio Toyoda, Toyota's president, in a prepared statement.

Electric car's dilemma: The plug
Toyota already has a telematics unit called Toyota Media Service, which is available mainly for Lexus customers. After Toyota's new partnership with Microsoft takes hold, those services will be transferred to Microsoft's cloud-based Azure platform, and by 2015, the companies plan to provide "affordable and advanced" telematics services to most Toyota customers.

Toyota and Microsoft plan to let users monitor their electric vehicles using smartphones. Customers will be able to see how much battery life and driving range the car has left, and get information about the location of the nearest charging stations. They will also be able to control the car's battery charger and other components like air conditioning, windows and locks via their handsets.

Microsoft's Azure platform allows clients to operate large, intricate operations on the Internet, hosted and managed through Microsoft's data centers. Since Microsoft's servers are shared by a number of other clients, Azure can be an inexpensive way for companies to access the massive amount of computing power needed to host a system as complex as telematics.

Other services that could be part of the joint-venture include Bing Maps and Microsoft's "Tellme" voice application, which the company currently provides to some automotive clients.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer also took the time to point out that his company continues to invest in consumer technology. Microsoft has come under fire lately for a consumer strategy that has led to a decidedly mixed bag of successes and misses.

"Our partnership with Toyota is a great example of how we continue to invest in the automotive industry and of our commitment to power the services that are important to consumers," Ballmer said.


Obsessions: It's good to be a Smith kid

Jaden and Willow Smith, if you haven't noticed, are having a moment.
In the past year, the children of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have gone from standing beside their superstar parents at red carpet events to having the red carpet rolled out especially for them.
It began last summer with 12-year-old Jaden's box-office hit, "The Karate Kid," which pulled in $55 million in its first weekend and went on to gross $359 million worldwide, according to BoxOfficeMojo.com. The soundtrack featured a song from teen pop star Justin Bieber, with Jaden showing off his rapping skills.
Now Jaden's headed for the Grammys on February 13, where he'll perform alongside Usher and Bieber. His 10-year-old sister, Ms. "Whip My Hair" Willow, is gearing up to join the Biebs as he tours Europe in March.
The youngest Smith recently unveiled a preview listen of her second single, an uptempo track called "21st Century Girl." An album, she promised on Twitter, is coming "VERY soon!!"
The spotlight on these two has only gotten brighter recently, particularly with news that Willow is set to star in a remake of "Annie," being produced by her parents and Jay-Z, who also has signed her to his Roc Nation label. (Anyone up for a game of six degrees of separation from a fifth-grader?)
But the children's ascent hasn't been without criticism. Some question if the two are being shoved into the spotlight at too young an age, while others are put off by the Smith parents actively creating opportunities for their kids. The conspiracy theorists may fret that the Smiths are strategically trying to take over the world (of entertainment, at least).
Yet neither of these preteens is new to showbiz. At 5, Jaden popped up on the sitcom "All of Us" (on which his older half-brother Trey, whom Will had from a previous marriage, also appeared), and followed that with roles in his dad's film "The Pursuit of Happyness" and Keanu Reeves' "The Day the Earth Stood Still." At 7, Willow appeared in the Will Smith vehicle "I Am Legend," and by the following year, she was acting alongside Abigail Breslin in "Kit Kittredge: An American Girl."
"We knew that Will and Jada had these two kids -- and that Will had Trey -- but they were so quiet," recalls Rachel Chang, editor-in-chief of teen celebrity magazine J-14. "And then they just exploded out of nowhere."
So how did they go from Will and Jada's cute kids to actor/musicians? Well, a few things happened in the past year -- namely, a sense of individual style.
"They started killing it on the red carpet during the 'Karate Kid' premieres," Georgia Toomey, editor of Yahoo's young Hollywood, Crush. "It was obvious right from the start that they had someone styling who knew what they were doing."
Indeed. Willow's red carpet attire in particular -- the Day-Glo colors, the animal print mixed with hammer pants, the hairdo that called to mind an older pop ingenue from Barbados who's also known for her signature looks -- became a conversation piece. The young star has been styled by the same sartorial minds that work with Rihanna, and the attention paid to her eye-catching (for better or worse) get-ups only snowballed after the colorful music video for "Whip My Hair" was released.
"To be totally honest, the first few times she appeared in our magazine was for her crazy fashion," says J-14's Chang, "but that's what got her noticed. For a little girl to dress crazy and confident like Lady Gaga and Ke$ha, that got her noticed first."
Her look may have started the buzz, but what drove it home was the kids' self-assurance, says Tamar Anitai, editor of MTV's Buzzworthyblog, where talk about Willow can nowadays be a weekly occurrence.
"It's almost like a lot of adults are surrendering," Anitai jokes of the kids' popularity. "They have so much personality, and it seems like it's their own. It doesn't seem like they've been media-trained, or (that) they're speaking in sound bites. They're good kids, but precocious -- they have swagger."
Plus there's the obvious, Anitai adds: "Their parents are such megastars." The Smiths, not unlike the Brangelinas of the world, are "the closest thing we have to American royalty."
With the duo gearing up for more work -- Willow with an album and "Annie," Jaden reportedly doing M. Night Shyamalan's "One Thousand A.E." -- it looks like the fever for these two will only escalate, not quite unlike the stronghold their pal Bieber has created.
"I think the thing is, they've proved themselves," Toomey says. "Yeah, there's a bit of nepotism involved, but they're actually talented. ... Jaden was successful in ('The Karate Kid') role, and he's a great little actor." She adds, "You see Willow in that ('Whip My Hair') video and she's so full of energy and has a great vibe. They're out to conquer the world basically."
Chang agrees these two have enough talent and personality to sustain them through the bumps of growing up in the spotlight.
"When you hear that another celebrity kid is trying to make it famous, you think, 'Oh God, here we go again,' " Chang says. "But they did it uniquely in their own way and separately from each other. These two have an appeal that goes beyond just our audience; even moms and dads can recognize them. I think they have a long career ahead."

Miley Cyrus gets tattoo No. 5

Miley Cyrus has added another tattoo to her collection.
The 18-year-old singer-actress now has a dream catcher inked on her torso, a friend close to Cyrus tells PEOPLE.
"It's a picture of the dream catcher that hangs over her bed with four feathers to represent her four brothers and sisters," says the friend. (Miley's siblings are Brandi, 23, Trace, 21, Braison, 16, and Noah, 11.) "The dream catcher is to protect them."
That brings Cyrus's current tattoo tally up to five.
She also has a heart and a small cross on her fingers, the word 'love" on her ear and the phrase "just breathe" on her rib cage in honor of a close friend who died of cystic fibrosis.
"All of Miley's tattoos have a deep meaning to her," says the friend. "They all represent family and friends close to her."

Will millions of people pay for iPad news?

Media companies are making big bets on tablet-friendly newspapers and magazines -- even as they bleed cash chasing a still-tiny audience.
"I've never seen anything quite like tablets taking off. I don't think you can afford not to make those investments," said Scott Ellison, mobile/connected platforms analyst at IDC.
But the investments are hefty, and fishing in a tablet-only pool is limiting. Apple sold 14.8 million iPads last year, and its nearest rival, Samsung's Galaxy Tab, shipped 2 million devices. That means there's 17 million potential readers at the moment.
Forecasts are bullish for the coming year: Tech companies have a staggering 100-plus iPad rivals in the works, and research firm eMarketer expects total tablet sales to hit 44 million in 2011. In 2012, it predicts tablet sales will top 81 million.
"Clearly the media industry is in need of a transformation, and they see tablets as an opportunity," said Allen Weiner, media analyst at Gartner. "We're about to enter a period of extreme experimentation."
The iPad-only newspaper: The most extreme example is The Daily, the iPad-only publication that News Corp (NWSFortune 500launched on Wednesday. CEO Rupert Murdoch committed around 100 staffers and an investment of $30 million to get it launched, and will spend $26 million a year to keep it running.
"Look at the massive investment News Corp. is making -- how many newspapers are willing and able to do that?" Weiner said. "The Daily is kind of a pilot program that everyone else will look to."
The Daily costs 99 cents a week, or $40 for a yearly subscription. To break even on its operating costs from subscriber revenue alone, The Daily would have to sell more than 650,000 subscriptions -- and that's without accounting for the cut Apple (AAPLFortune 500) takes for selling The Daily through its App Store.
Drawing more than 600,000 subscribers would be a gigantic feat, putting the publication among weekday subscription figures for big newspaper stalwarts -- somewhere between The Washington Post's 550,000 and The New York Times' 913,000.

NBC orders 'Office'-like comedy, 'Inception'-style drama

NBC made four more pilot pickups, including a couple intriguing titles with similar overtones to major hits.
First up, NBC ordered "Free Agents" as a cast-contingent pilot from "Party Down's" John Enbom, a workplace single-camera comedy about two quirky co-workers (at a Hollywood talent agency, no less -- now that's how you get power players to relate to your script).
Both are on the rebound from relationships, one from a divorce and the other from the loss of a fiancé. Like "The Office," it's based on a British comedy.
Next, "Lone Star" creator Kyle Killen has sold what's described as an "Inception-style" drama to the network.
"REM" is a "procedural hybrid which follows the simultaneous and parallel lives of a detective who can not let go of any aspect of his fractured family after a horrible car accident." BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHM...
NBC also picked up an untitled project from Dan Goor, one of the producers of "Parks and Recreation." The concept is about a young doctor who "joins his parents' medical practice and spends as much time tending to his family as to his patients."
Also, "Love Lives," a multi-camera comedy from Chris Sheridan ("Family Guy"), described as "a sophisticated and adult multi-camera comedy about two couples and their challenges of love and infidelity."


සොහොයුරියන් 4 දෙනෙක්

සොහොයුරියන් 4 දෙනෙක් තම පව් සමා කරගැනීමට තුමා හමුවීමට පල්ලියට ගියෝය.
1 වැනි සොහොයුරිය- මම මිනිහෙක් ගේ මීයෙක් දැක්කා
තුමා ඇයට පල්ලියේ පූජනීය වතුර තියෙන පොකුනට බැස ඇගේ ඇස් දෙක සෝදාගැනීමට නියම කලේය.ඇය පොකුනට බැස සිය දෙනෙත් සෝදා ගත්තාය.ඇගේ පව් සේදි ගියේය
2 වැනි සොහොයුරිය-මම මිනිහෙක්ගේ මීයා අත් දෙකෙන් ඇල්ලුවා.
ඇයට ඇගේ අත් දෙක පොකුනට බැස සෝදාගැනීමට නියම කලේය.ඇය සිය අත් පොකුනට බැස සෝදා ගත්තාය.ඇගේ පව් සේදි ගියේය
3 වැනි සොයුරිය- මම මිනිහෙක් එක්ක අස්වාභාවික(anal sex) ලෙස හැසිරුනා- ඇය පොකුනට බැස සිය පස්ස පැත්ත සෝදා ගත්තාය.ඇගේ පව් සේදි ගියේය
4 වැනි සොහොයුරිය මුකුත් නොකියා ආපසු යැමට සැරසුනි.ඇයව නැවත්වු තුමා ඇයි ඔයා පව් සමානොකර යන්නේ
4වැනි කන්‍යා සොයුරිය- තමුසෙට පිස්සුද, මට අර ගෑනි පුක හෝදපු පොකුනෙන්( වතුරෙන්) මගේ කට හෝදනවට වඩා අපායට යන එක හොඳයි හලෝ

සතුටින් ඉන්න බබා

එක්තරා කොලු කාරයෝ දෙන්නෙක් (gays)එකට වාසය කරනවලු.මුන් දෙන්නට ලමයෙක් හදන්න ඕනි උනා.මේකට මේ දෙන්නා දුප්පත් ගෑනියෙක් සල්ලි දීලා කැමති කර ගත්තා.
ඊට පස්සේ මේ දෙන්නා ඒ දෙන්නගේ ශුක්‍රානු එකතු කරලා බෝතලේකට දාලා හොඳට කලවම් කරලා ඒක සිරින්ජ් එකකට දාලා මේ ගෑනිට එන්නත් කලා.දැන් මේ ගෑනි බඩවෙලා.ඒ කියන්නේ ගැබ් අරගෙන.
පස්සේ බබා හම්බවෙන දවසේ උදේ මෙයාව පෞද්ගලික රෝහලකට ඇතුල් කරා.
හවස මේ ගොල්ලන්ට කෝල් එකක් එනවා හොස්පිටල් එකෙන් අර ගෑනිට පුතෙක් හම්බ වෙලා කියලා.
මේ ගොල්ලේ බබාල තියලා තියෙන වාට්‍ටුවට ගියාම එතන බබාල ගොඩක් ඉන්නවා.අනිත් බබාලා ඔක්කොම අඬනවා.එක බබෙක් විතරක් සතුටින් හිනා වෙවි ඉන්නවා.
නර්ස් නෝනා ඇවිල්ලා මේ සතුටින් ඉන්න බබාව පෙන්නුවා මෙයා තමයි ඕගොල්ලන්ගේ බබා කියලා.එතකොට මේ කොලුකාරයෝ දෙන්න අහනවා මොකද අපේ බබා විතරක් හුඟක් සතුටින් ඉන්නේ කියලා.
එතකොට මේ නර්ස් කියනවා අනේ එයගේ ශරීර උෂ්නත්වය මනින්න අපි එයගේ පස්ස පැත්තට උන ක‍ටුව ගහලා තියෙන්නේ.ඒකයි.

මුරලිගෙ ගෑනි ඌව දාල ගිහිල්ල

තිලක් අය්යා: මාර වැඩේ බං. මුරලිගෙ ගෑනි ඌව දාල ගිහිල්ල  
නිලා: නෑ. මොකක්ද case එක? 
තිලක් අය්යා: නෑ බං මේ ටිකේ වැඩිය ඌට cricket නැති නිසා අර කෙල ගාල බෝලෙ අඹරන එක මූ ගෙදර ගෑනිට කරන්න ගිහින්  

අහල පහල උන්ද සිනාසෙයි. ඒත් කතාව ඉවර නෙත. නිලාගේ කට දෙවනි වන්නේ තිලක් අය්යට පමනක්මය.

නිලා: එක අතකට මුරලිගෙ ගෑනි සතු‍ටු වෙන්න ඕනෙ   
තිලක් අය්යා: ඒ මොකද බං?   
නිලා: නෑ ඉතින් වකාර් ගෙ ගෑනි උනා නම් ඌ ටොනික් පියනකින් හූරනවත් එක්කනෙ     

විහිලුවක් පමනි.