Britney's back with a new single

She's baaack! Two years after the release of her CD "Circus," Britney Spears is returning to the music scene with "Hold It Against Me," a new single set to debut next week.
"It's produced by Dr. Luke and Max Martin," Z100 New York program director Sharon Dastur tells Entertainment Weekly of the song. "And the beat that they give her is really unique compared to other artists - this infectious bass beat beneath the song. Plus, the hook is just amazing. It will be out on January 7."
Swedish producer Shellback also worked with Spears on the new CD, which is scheduled to drop in March.

"[Britney]'s actually damn professional. You read a lot on the internet that Britney is not singing and mimes, but she is actually damn professional," he has said. "She's done it since she was 16. And just rhythmic way, she is f-ing awesome! And you do not have to go through and talk about the rhythms and stuff that you sometimes have to do. She's very easy in the studio."
For her part, 29-year-old Spears, who is already casting dancers for an upcoming music video, couldn't be happier about her new album.
"I AM IN L-O-V-E WITH IT!" she tweeted on December 2.

Rihanna is single, source says

Rihanna is back on the market.
The singer, who was first spotted getting cozy with professional baseball player Matt Kemp last January, "considers herself single," a source tells PEOPLE amid reports of a split.
And from the sounds of it, she's not afraid to put herself back out there.
"She never has a problem finding guys," the source says of the "Only Girl" singer. "And she flirts with lots."
Kemp, who plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers, was the first serious relationship for Rihanna since she and Chris Brown split following a violent incident in 2009.
"He's just easy and really kind," she said, while admitting in October that she was in love with the Kemp.
Rihanna's rep didn't return a request for comment and Kemp's rep had no comment.


Guests crowd out Disneyland

California's Disneyland filled to capacity two hours after opening Tuesday -- the second day in a row the 55-year-old theme park was forced to turn potential guests away because of overcrowding.
A park spokeswoman said the park stopped selling tickets at 10 a.m.
"This stoppage is fairly typical for us during our holiday peak period," said Betty Sanchez. "Certainly we want all of our guests to have the best guest experience, so we have measures in place to make sure that we deliver the best time."
Park officials directed people to another park in the Disneyland Resort complex, California Adventure, but Sanchez said that park, too, experienced overcrowding.
"We stopped selling tickets briefly at the California Adventure, as well," she said.
Sanchez said great weather coupled with holiday deals helped lure more people to the parks.
Disneyland does not release attendance numbers, including how many times the park has sold out.

'Spider-Man' Stunt Man's Fall Result of 'Human Error'

The onstage accident that sent Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark stunt-man Christopher Tierney in the hospital was caused by "human error," an actors' union rep says. Tierney fell 8 to 10 feet into a pit Monday during an aerial stunt that was part of the show’s finale; audience members could hear the actress who plays Mary Jane "weeping."
While the union did not give details on what exactly went wrong — and whether the accident was caused by Tierney himself or a stagehand — a representative said it and the other agencies have worked together on a safety plan. Tierney, who is one of nine actors who perform Spider-Man’s stunts during the show, remains in serious condition.
Director Julie Taymor said in a statement Tuesday that the accident was "obviously heartbreaking for our entire team and, of course, to me personally. I am so thankful that Chris is going to be all right and is in great spirits. Nothing is more important than the safety of our Spider-Man family and we'll continue to do everything in our power to protect the cast and crew."
The show gave a statement Tuesday saying that today’s matinee performance would be rescheduled, but tonight’s and "all subsequent performances will proceed as scheduled."
The show has been in previews since November 28 after being pushed back numerous times. Last week, the official opening was moved to February 7 from January 11. An mishap with an aerial stunt in November caused a two-week delay, and earlier this month actress Natalie Mendoza suffered a concussion in a backstage accident.

Bruno Mars Opens Up

In 2010, Bruno Mars took over the pop charts, both as a singer ("Just The Way You Are," "Nothin' On You") and as a songwriter/producer (Cee-Lo, Mike Posner). In this clip, Mars — who's ringing in 2011 with a gig at the Renaissance Hotel in New York — talks to Rolling Stone about the wrestling-based origins of his name, shows off his Elvis impersonation skills and talks about the inspiration for some of his most popular tracks.

Apple preparing Verizon-compatible iPad?

Apple's loose-lipped overseas partners are exchanging whispers about the next-generation iPad, claiming it will come in three different versions, one of which would work with Verizon's network.
The iPad 2 will support three different wireless configurations: UMTS, CDMA and Wi-Fi only, according to "industry sources quoted by DigiTimes" citing component makers.
That's up from the two versions Apple currently offers: UMTS plus Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi only.
To explicate the alphabet soup, UMTS is the standard used by major 3G carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile, while CDMA is compatible with Verizon and Sprint networks.
Currently the 3G iPad ships with a MicroSIM card slot, and in the United States, the only carrier that uses MicroSIM is AT&T.
Customers who want to connect to non-AT&T 3G networks must either buy an external wireless hotspot device such as the Verizon MiFi (Verizon already sells a MiFi plus iPad package) or trim a standard SIM card down to MicroSIM size, like Wired.com's Charlie Sorrel.
The current 3G model of the iPad is not tied to a contract: Customers pay a flat monthly rate for data and can opt out whenever they please.
So if this rumor is true, it means that when the iPad 2 ships, you'll have to pick a 3G model based on your carrier preference. If you don't plan to be on the road a lot, there's still the Wi-Fi option.
Support for both major wireless standards in the United States will make the iPad 2 available to a much larger potential audience, whereas before it was only available in the states from AT&T.
Whether Apple hammers out sales agreements with Verizon or Sprint remains to be seen.
Recent rumors suggestion that the iPad 2 will hit stores April 2011, one year after the original iPad's release. Some third-party protective cases for a purported "iPad 23 have been cropping up in Asia, hinting at the possibility of a bigger speaker and a rear-facing camera.
Persistent rumors -- so far unsubstantiated -- have also pointed to a Verizon-compatible iPhone to be released in early 2011.
If Verizon gets the iPhone and the iPad, it would greatly expand Apple's potential market, and would also likely deal a severe blow to AT&T, which has been roundly criticized for the inability of its 3G network to keep up with iPhone-induced demand.

Candace Cameron Bure reveals her battle with bulimia

As a child star of the hit series "Full House," Candace Cameron Bure had to weather life's most awkward stages -- baby fat and all -- on national television.
Now 34, she's never been in better shape. Her secret? A pro-athlete husband, three active kids and lessons learned from a never-before-revealed battle with bulimia.
"It's a very dangerous cycle that can just start to consume your life and really take over," Cameron Bure tells PEOPLE. In her new book "Reshaping It All," the actress reveals that she began binging and purging after "Full House" ended its run in 1995 and she was adjusting to life in Canada with her new husband, Russian-born NHL player Valeri Bure.
"It wasn't about me trying to lose weight," says Cameron Bure, whose older brother is "Growing Pains" star Kirk Cameron. "It was all about emotions."
Now at a healthy weight, the star of the ABC Family series "Make It or Break It" says she stays svelte thanks to plenty of family exercise time with Bure, 36, and kids Natasha, 12, Lev, 10, and Maks, 8, and a diet philosophy that allows everything -- including her self-professed "weakness," dessert! -- in moderation.


හැතප්ම 100

එක්තරා පුද්ගලයෙක් එක කෙල්ලෙක් දැකලා පුදුම ආශාවක් ඇති වෙලා.මෙයා කොහොම හරි මේ කෙල්ල එක යාලු වෙලා කාරෙකට දා ගෙන ටවුමෙන් හැතප්ම 5 දුරක් ඈතට ගිහිල්ලා කෙල්ලට අයුතු යෝජනාවක් කරාලු.කෙල්ල ඒක ප්‍රතික්ශේප කරා.පස්සෙ මේ මිනිහා කිව්වා එහෙනම් ඔයාට පයින් තමයි ආපහු යන්න වෙන්නේ කියලා.කෙල්ලත් කමක් නෑ කියලා පයින් ටවුමට ආවලු.
පස්සේ මූ ආපහු මේ කෙල්ලව රවටලා ටවුමෙන් හැත්ප්ම 10 ක් ඈතට මෙයාව කාරෙකේ දාගෙන ගිහිල්ල ඒ අයුතු යෝජනාව කරාලු.කෙල්ල බෑ කියලා ආපහු පයින් ටවුමට ආවලු.
තුන්වැනි පාර මේ මිනිහා කෙල්ලව රවටාගෙන අරගෙන ගියාලු හැතප්ම 100 ඈතට.
මේ පාර වැඩේ හරිගියා.කෙල්ල කැමති වුනා.මූ ගේම දුන්නා.දැන් කෙල්ලව ටවුමට කාරෙකෙන් ගෙනෙල්ලා මේ මිනිහා කෙල්ලගෙන් අහනවා මොකද මේ පාර ඔයා කැමති වුනේ කියලා
කෙල්ල කියනවා මට පුද්ගලයෙක්ව ඒඩ්ස් වලින් බේර ගන්න හැතප්ම 5ක් 10ක් පයින් ඇවිදගෙන යන්න පුලුවන්.හැතප්ම 100ක් නම් කොහොමවත් පයින් යන්න බෑ.සොරි අනේ කියලා බැහලා ගියාලු

නිදහස් මිනිහෙක්

බිරිඳ පාන්දර 2ක අවදිවිය.සැමියා ඇඳේ නැත.ඇය වහාම පහල තට්‍ටුවට පැමිණියාය.සැමියා සාලයේ ඉකි ගසමින් හඬයි.
බිරිඳ?- මොකද ඔයා දුකෙන් අඬන්නේ
සැමියා-මතකද අපි දෙන්නා යාලුවෙලා ඉන්න කාලේ, ඔයාව මගේ අතින් බඩ(pregnant) වුනා
බිරිඳ- ඔව්,ඔව් ඒකට දුක් වෙන්න දෙයක්යෑ
සැමියා- මතකද ඔයාගේ තාත්තා මට තර්ජනය කරා ඔයාව කසාද බැන්දේ නැත්නම් මාව අවුරුදු 5ක් හිරේ යවනවා කියලා
බිරිඳ-ඔයා ඔය විකාර තාම හිතනවද
සැමියා-නෑ අනේ.මම හිරේ ගියා නම් හෙට උදේ නිදහස් මිනිහෙක්


ඇම්ඩන්ට හැමදාම රෑට සිය තාත්තාගේ කාමරයෙන් යමකු ඇඳ උඩ උඩ පනින ශබ්ද ඇහෙයි.දිනක් ඇම්ඩන් හොරෙන් තාත්තාගේ කාමරයේ දොර ලඟට ගොස් යතුරු හිලෙන් බැලීය.සිය මව නිරුවතින් ඇම්ඩන්ගේ පියාගේ බඩ උඩ වාඩිවි උඩ පනිනු දැක්කේය.පසුවදා ඇම්ඩන් අම්මාගෙන් මේ කරන්නේ මොකක්ද.ඇයි තාත්තාගේ ඇඟ උඩ මෙහෙම කරන්නේ යැයි අම්මගෙන් ඇසීයඅනේ පුතා ,තාත්තා මහතයිනේ ,ඒක අඩුවෙන්න එහෙම කරන්නේ ඇම්ඩන්ගේ මව බොරුවක් කීවේයඕක හරි යන්නේ නෑ අම්මේ, අම්මා වැඩට ගියාම අල්ලපු ගෙදර ආන්ටි ඇවිල්ලා එයාගේ කටින් තාත්තාව පුම්බනවා

ඔසමා බින් ලඩන්

ඇමරිකානු හමුදාව ඔසමා බින් ලඩන් අත් අඩංගුවට ‍රැගෙන ඇමරිකාවට ‍රැගෙන යන ලදි.පසුව ඔවුන් විශාල ප්‍රශ්නයකට මුහුන දුනිමූව මැරුවොත් ඌ වීරයෙක් වෙනවා.මුස්ලිම් කොල්ලො ඌව ආදර්ශයට ගනීමූව හිරේ දැම්මොත් අල්කයිඩා අහිංසක ඇමරිකානුවන් ප්‍රාණ ඇපයට ගනී, මූව නිදහස් කරගන්න.පසුව මෙය විසදීමට සී.අයි.ඒ එක ඉදිරිපත් වුනි.බින් ලාඩන් වහාම කොස්මෙටික් රෝහලකට ගෙන ගොස් ශල්‍යකර්මයක් මගින් මුහුන , කට හඬ,පපුව සහ ලිංග ඉන්ද්‍රීයන් ගෑනියක් බවට හරවන ලදි.දක්ෂතම වෛද්‍යවරුන් පිරිසක් මෙය කරපු නිසා දැන් කාටවත් මූව අඳුර ගන්න බෑ.නියම ගෑනියක් .හැකි ඉක්මනින් ඇෆ්ගනිස්ථානයට ගුවනින් ‍රැගෙන ගොස් තලෙයිබාන් පාලනය යටතේ ගැහනියක ලෙස ජීවත් වීමට මුදා හරින ලඳි


ඇම්ඩන්- මම මේ පාර විභාගෙන් ගණිතය ඇරෙන්න අනිත් ඔක්කොම පේල්
සෝමපාල- උඹ කොහොමද ගනං පාස් වුනේ
ඇම්ඩන්- පාස් නෙවෙයි යකෝ.මම මේ ගනං දවසේ විභාගෙට ගියෙ නෑ.ඈබ්සන්ට්

Waka Waka


Ponting fined as Trott ton compounds Australia's Ashes problems

Frustrated Australia captain Ricky Ponting was fined for arguing with the umpires as England took complete control of the fourth Ashes Test in Melbourne on Monday thanks to Jonathan Trott's century.
Ponting, who faces the prospect of becoming the first skipper from his country to loses three Ashes series since 1890, was furious after having a video replay decision turned down.
The 36-year-old called for a referral after England batsman Kevin Pietersen was ruled not to have edged a delivery from Ryan Harris to wicketkeeper Brad Haddin.
Video replays and sound technology showed no contact with the bat, but Ponting nonetheless remonstrated with umpires Aleem Dar and Tony Hill.
Match referee Ranjan Madugalle subsequently fined Ponting 40% of his match fee. He could have been banned for the final Test in Sydney, but received a lesser punishment."Ricky's actions as captain of his country were unacceptable," the Sri Lanka said in a statement. "A captain is expected to set the example and not get involved in a prolonged discussion with the on-field umpires and question their decision.

"While pleading guilty to the charge, Ricky understood that the discussion went far too long. He apologized for his action and stated that he has nothing but respect for the umpires and his on-field actions were not intended to show disrespect to Aleem Dar or Tony Hill."
It was the latest setback for Ponting, who went into the match nursing a fractured finger which has hampered his fielding, and he failed again with the bat as Australia made just 98 in Sunday's opening sessions.
England resumed on 157-0 but soon lost Alastair Cook as the left-hander added just two runs to his overnight 80 to become the first of Peter Siddle's three victims.
Siddle then dismissed captain Andrew Strauss for 69, but Trott and Pietersen added 92 for the third wicket.
Pietersen was on 49 when the controversy struck, but although he survived to make his 21st half-century in 70 Tests the South Africa-born player did not last much longer as Siddle trapped him leg before wicket for 51 with a low delivery.
Trott also had some luck before reaching 50, having apparently been run out from Ponting's throw before video replays gave him the benefit of the doubt.
Mitchell Johnson continued his revival of form which saw Australia level the series at 1-1 with victory in the last match in Perth, as the left-arm paceman had Paul Collingwood (8) and the in-form Ian Bell (1) caught hooking at short deliveries.
Johnson thought he had Matt Prior out as well when the batsman was on just six, but a replay called for by Dar showed that he had bowled a no-ball.
Prior then helped Trott add an unbroken 158 for the sixth wicket as England reached stumps on 444-5 for a lead of 346 runs with three days still to play.
Trott scored his third century in five Ashes appearances and his fifth in 17 Tests overall as he ended the day on 141, having hit 12 fours off 278 balls faced.
Prior, like Trott also born in South Africa, took toll on the Australian bowlers as he smashed 10 fours in his 75 from just 105 deliveries.
Victory in Melbourne will mean that England retain the Ashes urn no matter the result in the Sydney finale starting on January 3


Saw VII The Final Chapter BDRip XviD-Jigsaw


New iPhone app translates foreign-language signs

Augmented-reality applications have promised to revolutionize the way we live on the go with our smartphones, but none have fully delivered yet.
This may be changing. A new free iPhone app called Word Lens shows remarkable promise for helping international travelers.
Word Lens uses the phone's video camera and processor to interpret printed words and almost instantly translate them between English and Spanish.
Those traveling abroad could hold the phone in front of their eyes to decipher a foreign-language street sign. The app projects the translated words onto whatever sign at which you point the phone.
This could be a leap forward for augmented-reality apps, which normally employ cameras and GPS systems to merge the physical world with information compiled about people and places on the internet.
Word Lens is the fruit of two-and-a-half years of work from a small outfit called Quest Visual, run by Otavio Good, a former game developer, and John DeWeese, who worked on the Electronic Arts game "Spore."
"The tourism market is really very large," Good told CNN in a phone interview Monday. "I want to sell this to all the tourists in the world."
Google's Goggles app has the capability to translate text or identify objects in an image. But it requires users to take a picture with their phones. Word Lens does it on the fly, meaning it's interpreting frames in video, almost in real time. A similar app called LookTel, designed to help blind people, scans print on objects such as packages of food and reads them aloud.
Word Lens has posted a video demonstration of how to use the app. The free version of the app can match fonts and erase text from a scene. It's only available for the iPhone, but work has already begun on an Android version.
Right now, the app can only translate between English and Spanish. (Each language package costs $4.99.) Quest Visual says it plans to add dictionaries to support other languages soon. Adding each language will take a few months of fine tuning, Good estimates.
"It's a little rough around the edges," Good said. "But it's going to get better."
Translations for sentences can be somewhat crude. Still, the app may be useful to any traveler trying to decipher a sign or cafe menu in a Spanish-language country, or vice versa.

Activision CEO: 'Call of Duty' is like Facebook, texting

Instant messaging, texting, Facebook, and ... "Call of Duty?"
The "Call of Duty" games effectively adapt to changing communication habits, Bobby Kotick, the CEO of game publisher Activision, told CNN on Tuesday.
And that could be the smoking gun in the franchise's takeover of the video-game industry.
The latest entry in the console-game series, "Call of Duty: Black Ops," has netted more than $1 billion in sales worldwide since it came out on November 9, Activision announced on Tuesday. In that time, gamers have spent 600 million hours with the game, the company said.
"More people play 'Black Ops' every day than watch Jay Leno, David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon, combined," Kotick boasted. "The audience of 'Call of Duty' is probably greater in terms of size ... than in any other interactive form of entertainment."
Activision didn't invent war games or first-person shooters. Even today, the genre continues to attract new big-budget entrants. On Tuesday, Electronics Arts released "Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam."Yet it's the "Call of Duty" games that attract blockbuster openings and fervent support. By some estimates, "Black Ops" had the biggest five-day opening in revenue of any entertainment debut in history.The "Call of Duty" games generally feature compelling, cinematic storylines. In "Black Ops," soldiers are tasked with assassinating Cuban leader Fidel Castro.But it's the competitive play that draws the biggest crowds, Kotick said. Some 60% of traffic coming through Microsoft's Xbox Live online gaming service is from "Call of Duty" games, where players can take each other on, he said."The multiplayer is really the thing that has changed the game in such a meaningful way," Kotick said.
Instead of getting together to watch a movie, some people huddle around the living-room game console, or strap on a headset and chat online with friends across town or across the country over some gunfire.
"If you look at the 500 million people who are on Facebook and the way that people text each other and instant message and use video chat, there is now an evolution of media," Kotick said. "Those are the characteristics and attributes that a generation and audiences feel are very important to their media and entertainment experiences. And we expect that."
"Call of Duty" delivers on that trend, he said. These games can be as integral to the social lives of young people, especially males, as any other form of digital communication.
Kotick rattled off various factors he says make the "Call of Duty" franchise stand out from competitors -- "production value, the level of polish," that "no detail gets left unaltered," he said. Perhaps most important is "the sophistication and capability of the multiplayer matchup," Kotick said.
"Black Ops" credits Activision's Treyarch studio as the primary developer. The game came under scrutiny from video-game critics after a shakeup at Infinity Ward, the developer most often associated with the franchise.
Activision fired two executives from Infinity Ward for "wrongdoing" -- "so wrong that you were left with no choice" but to dismiss them, Kotick said. Their positions have since been filled after the company was flooded with about 5,000 résumés, Kotick said.
"Multiplayer has been largely developed by Treyarch," even in games like "Modern Warfare," which were credited to Infinity Ward, Kotick said. "I don't think Treyarch got their due for how much they contributed in the production and polish to the multiplayer."
Future "Call of Duty" games may borrow some things from Activision Blizzard's other massive franchise, "World of Warcraft," Kotick said. For example, developers should constantly mold their games based on audience feedback, he said.
"Blizzard really created the model for how to do this successfully and effectively, making sure the community of 'World of Warcraft' players has incredible influence on the future of the product," Kotick said. "There's so much more that we can deliver to our players."